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Woodbend Playschool



For many years, Woodbend Hall has been maintaining a successful playschool program for 3 to 5 year olds. Children have an opportunity to learn through play, crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, books and songs, all while in a safe environment. There are both child-guided crafts and teacher-directed crafts. Children are able to gain social skills and play out their theories about the world in a safe and caring location.


Woodbend Playschool is a licensed playschool program with competitive fees (tuition is $79/month) and with small A.M.  and P.M. class sizes that run Monday and Wednesday from September to May. (P.M. classes only run with adequate student enrolment.)


For any information regarding playschool, please call (780) 470 – 3338.


Playschool Handbook and Registration form are below.








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