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About Woodbend

Woodbend is a Community Society for the Community by the Community. Everything at Woodbend is the result of alot of hard work and dedication from all of our volunteers. The Woodbend Community Society was originally founded in 1958 and has been going strong since. If you would like more information on our history please visit our History Page. If you are interested in getting involved with Woodbend you can visit our Get Involved Page.

2024/25 Executive

President: Henry Schmidt

Vice-President: Milton John

Treasurer: Lorelei Tauber

Secretary: Marilyn McIntosh

Directors: Barb Authenac, Judy Cournoyer, Bert Forster, Phil Holtskog, Neena Joseph, Matt Pastorius, Raimonds Reijeris, Ben Schmidt, Curtis Schmidt, Inez Smith, Kristine Zielinski, Robert Zignash

Rental Contact - 780-916-2980

Social Committee Contact: Helen Schmidt

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